Thursday, September 8, 2011

Toast... and Mustaches

I think that when I die I would like to ask God exactly how many pieces of toast I forgot about and left in the toaster through out the course of my life.

Now, things might be looking up as far as not being homeless much longer. I'm hoping to sign a lease for a house on the island today, super cheap, private room and a creepy garage! what could be better right? Well nothing could be. I have to say that being homeless is not all that it's made out to be, especially when you have classes to go to and peers that you have to sit close to and try not to offend with body odors... but in all fairness most of the odors I've been sending out are from my Tom's and what can you expect from shoes you don't wear with socks. I ended up just walking from class to class without my shoes on to let them air out a bit. The only bad thing about this is that I still have a bit of purple toenail polish on my toes from when my sweet coworkers this summer painted them for me in my sleep, thanks Megan and Kim! Probably the worst part of not having a place to live is that you don't have anywhere to spend your down time. Say you have a class that gets out at 9:20 and your next class is at 2:30, well you're sure not going to hang out at the library the whole time.

Well classes are moving along and the parks and rec club committee is becoming quite the experience with all of it's dead lines, penny pinching, and other logistics that seem to be never ending. That being said, it looks like we will be doing the long awaited "Mustache Dash" 5K run on october 1st! So I expect that all four of you that are reading this blog will be there! It'll be open to the public, so come have fun, create or grow a mustache to wear during the run and get a cool T-shirt. Oh and the proceeds will go to Sub for Santa (so help some kids out this winter). We will also have some prizes to hand out for the person in first place and for the best male and female mustaches. It'll be cool and for a good cause.

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