Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blogging Assignment #2

So this is my second post for my class and I've been going around looking for blogging safety tips. Here's what I've found (and where I've found it):

1. Don't say things online that you may regret having said in the future. This came from They make a good point on the website when they say "As a general rule, if you wouldn’t say it to your boss or your grandmother, don’t say it online." I think this is super important since people can get caught up in something that may have happened to them and say things they don't really mean.

2. This one comes from the website, they say "Assume what you publish on the web is permanent." This is another tip to help you consider the content of your blog and whether it's something that you'd want anyone to have access to. I think it's a good thing to think about since many people just think that it's only their friends who are reading their blogs.

3. Use a password! This comes from and talks about how you do not have to let everyone see your blogs, this would be important if you were only communicating to friends and family and you had no need to share information with anyone other than that.

Blogging Assignment #1

So for this assigment I looked up different blogs that have educational purpose behind them. I think this is a fairly easy quality to find in a blog since a huge reason people use them is to share information that they have found. As I was going along I found a very interesting blog post at about a new technology certain outdoor product companies are using on their goose down that they fill their jackets and sleeping bags with, so that it will be more water proof. I thought this was pretty cool since with untreated goose down, once it becomes wet it's useless until it dries. At the blog I learned how to change the brake pads in on my disc breaks that I have on my bicycle. This is super helpful since disc brakes can be a huge pain in the butt. I figured while I was looking for things to learn about I would find a post on crosscut saws since I like old tools. The blog I found was and it talks about common mistakes that are made when using a single person or two man crosscut saw. I thought that all of these were very interesting and I liked how each of them gave an educational experience on something that I have interest in.