Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blogging Assignment #1

So for this assigment I looked up different blogs that have educational purpose behind them. I think this is a fairly easy quality to find in a blog since a huge reason people use them is to share information that they have found. As I was going along I found a very interesting blog post at about a new technology certain outdoor product companies are using on their goose down that they fill their jackets and sleeping bags with, so that it will be more water proof. I thought this was pretty cool since with untreated goose down, once it becomes wet it's useless until it dries. At the blog I learned how to change the brake pads in on my disc breaks that I have on my bicycle. This is super helpful since disc brakes can be a huge pain in the butt. I figured while I was looking for things to learn about I would find a post on crosscut saws since I like old tools. The blog I found was and it talks about common mistakes that are made when using a single person or two man crosscut saw. I thought that all of these were very interesting and I liked how each of them gave an educational experience on something that I have interest in.

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